Pompeii + Naples.

Hello! I have been having the best fun over here in Pompeii (not to brag) and to be honest, I am getting used to seeing dead people all the time. The museum is simply amazing. But again, I will leave that to CJ to tell you about. What I would like to tell you about is … Continue reading Pompeii + Naples.

In Florence…

Today I am in Florence. I left 3 days ago and drove for an hour and 15 minutes to get here. We have checked into our hotel, the Portrait Firenze (don't ask me what the name means or how they thought of it), and I am typing while looking at the wonderful view from the window. If you … Continue reading In Florence…

Lucca (day 3)

So, I have been here two days, and I have already seen so many sights. Lucca is great (not to boast, once again) and I am thoroughly enjoying it. There is a place called the Guinigi Tower, and it has the most amazing view. You get to experience a view of all of Lucca and it … Continue reading Lucca (day 3)


Ciao! Today, I am typing from my hotel in Lucca. It was a long drive to get here (I arrived yesterday) and I wasn't quite sure what it would be like. But it is beautiful. I mean, Italy always is. Never should I have doubted it. Anyway, do you ever feel car-sick? You see, after … Continue reading Lucca

Happy Easter!

Charlie: Hello from Charlie (and if she was here, CJ) and I am wishing you a very happy Easter (and if you don't celebrate Easter, a very happy day)! We have a special guest I will be interviewing today with big fluffy ears and lots of easter eggs...presenting...the Easter Bunny! I will hand this post … Continue reading Happy Easter!

The mistake!

So, you thought, along with CJ that 34.48 metres tall is a bit ridiculous for a cupcake (take a listen to our  14th podcast on iTunes). Well, it actually is. The actual size of the cupcake is one metre tall. Not as impressive, right? Sigh. Double Sigh. I was actually quite excited there. Well, someday (if you … Continue reading The mistake!