Here I am, in Lucca, with activities right at my fingertips, and yet, I am not doing one single thing. Why, you ask? Well, because it’s so cold. You may think that an invalid excuse, but it is really cold. As in, 7 degrees type of cold. So instead, I am sitting in our hotel room, staring into the mind-numbing eyes of the tv. We rented a movie and we are going to play it soon, but until then, I am doomed to nothingness. Nothingness. I guess I should refer myself back to my “bored” post. Maybe take a piece of my own advice. But on a day when there’s so much to be done, it is exasperating to have to stay inside. Especially since it’s freezing inside. Anyway, the movie is about to begin so I will desert this post. Bye!

From Charlie