Late and bored and having nothing to do

I'm sitting at on an old desktop all alone in my drama clothes that I've been in since 2:30pm, and it's now 9:10pm and I'll be here for another hour or so. Guess where I am? At the hospital in the Theatre ward. No, I'm not dying but thanks for asking. My dad's a doctor and … Continue reading Late and bored and having nothing to do

On a Dark and Stormy Night…

On a dark and stormy night, there was a girl named Isabella. She went to a school on a hill next to a cliff. One day, at the end of ballet class, her teacher asked to see her. Wordlessly, she handed her a shoebox. Pretending to act surprised, she took the gift, knowing it was … Continue reading On a Dark and Stormy Night…

Up and Coming Podcasts

Look out for some new podcasts that are coming your way. We will be having an Easter themed podcast where we talk about our personal Easter traditions and another podcast that I will leave you with one clue: See you soon (actually hear me soon since it will be a podcast) Cioazies Cj

Heart Pound Cake

👋! CJ here! And Charlie!! Yes, and Charlie. Anyway, if you know me 👩🏻‍💻, you know I ❤️ 🎂. Some of my personal favourites are 🍫 🎂, Caramel 🎂 and vanilla 🥞 and Vanilla pancakes?! And stop replacing word with emojis! but I ❤️ 😃. Hey i wonder if a 😃 🎂 would be 😊? … Continue reading Heart Pound Cake