On a Dark and Stormy Night…

On a dark and stormy night, there was a girl named Isabella. She went to a school on a hill next to a cliff.

One day, at the end of ballet class, her teacher asked to see her. Wordlessly, she handed her a shoebox. Pretending to act surprised, she took the gift, knowing it was the lace ballet shoes that she had dreamed of owning. When she opened the box she put on the ballet shoes. She did what she had been dreaming to do. She stood up and started dancing. Suddenly, Isabella had a fit and started screaming. She collapsed and fell at the teachers feet.

Days later, Isabella woke up. She stood up and looked at the looking glass by the piano. Her eyes were a bright green and her face was so pale it was as if she had seen a ghost. She started sobbing for no reason and then she saw the teacher.

She looked different now, her skin had a slight tinge of green and her hair was no longer in the neat bun she used to wear. She draws Isabella’s eyes to the piano, inviting her to play it. She plays two sets of cords and then the teachers eyes multiple. She grows shorter and her skin becomes a very bright green. The whites of her eyes become black as if they had been dyed. Two antennas come out of her hair. Isabella turns to run but before she can, she is taken away in a UFO.

A month later, she sees the teacher but now she sees her in her full form. An alien.

“You’ve been gone to long,” She says. “If it weren’t for me, you never would of come back,”

Isabella stands back and looks into her reflection. She sees herself as one of them and before she can scream, she suddenly becomes very calm. “You’re right,” says the Alien Isabella. “If it weren’t for you, I would of gone on thinking I was one of them. Thank you for making me remember my kind,”

“Anytime, my friend,” The Alien said. “Anytime,”