Parma…day 2…

Hello readers! I am sorry to have missed blogging four days of my European journey, but I was just having such a magnificent time that I forgot to blog! Anyway, here I am, in Parma. After spending 5 days in Genoa and visiting the city and all, we didn’t think that Parma could be any better, but on the second day we are spending in Parma, I have changed my mind. I wouldn’t say it is better, because it is different, but I will say it is up to standard (and my standard is very high).

Anyway, we visited many tourist attractions yesterday, one of them being Teatro Farnese. Teatro Farnese is pretty much a really old, unused theatre. But though it may sound drab, it is a stunning sight. Fun fact for you, the theatre was almost destroyed by an air raid sometime during one of the world wars. It would have been unfortunate if it was completely destroyed. It was actually rebuilt and then reopened after the air raid, so it probably isn’t the genuine 1600s theatre it used to be, but then, it is still very historic and is lucky to still be standing!

We also visited Museo Glauco Lombardi (A.K.A, a museum named after the guy who researched and collected the things in the museum. A little boastful that he named it after himself, don’t you think?). It is a museum filled with the belongings and history of both Napoleon and his second wife, the Duchess of Parma (not anymore, she died in the 1800s, according to the museum). It was rather interesting and I loved the ballgown they had on display!

As well as all this, we will be doing a food tour today of all the cheese, vinegar, and prosciutto Parma has in store! I love cheese, and if it is prosciutto that hasn’t aged very much (which seems impossible to find, maybe it’s just because I’m a kid I think that) I love that too!

Well, it seems that I must go now as I am going on the food tour now, but I hope you had a great Easter! Ciao!

From Charlie