Einstein. Miss Einstein.

I know this is the question that has been on everybody’s lips. How in the world did we come up with this website and our podcasts? Well it all started on the very last day of school.

You mean it all started on Mars on the last day of training! 

No, CJ! We are going to tell them the truth. So it started on the last day of school. I had come over to CJ’s house and we did some things together before we went back to her house after lunch.

Tell them about the things we did! 

It would be getting off track, and they really don’t need to know. So we were sitting in CJ’s bedroom, bored to bits, and one of us (I am not going to say who because we’d argue over it) came up with the brilliant idea to start a podcast for kids (I think it was me…)!

No I did!!!

Anyway, CJ researched about a free app to try to make podcasts and hit a jackpot! It was then that we began the tedious exercise of trying to think up a name. In the end we skipped the step and continued on. We wrote a script for us both and we recorded our first episode. And finally we thought up a name. Miss Einstein. So I’m guessing you’re wondering how we got to having a website as well as podcasts. Well…

I’m telling this bit. We realised that we should do a blog/website to promote our podcast and go into more detail with our DIYs.

Now I will continue. We set up a WordPress website for us and ever since then we have been Skyping each other and updating/ making posts on two different devices in two different places! It is a great way to spend the Summer holidays!

And that is the story of our website.