Saturday 16th of October

Schools officially out. I am extremely happy about this especially because I am going away and let's be honest, no one likes getting up early in the morning. Let's face the facts: Humans are naturally lazy in some form (some in many more). Imagine me with a guilty face about the size of the sun. … Continue reading Saturday 16th of October


Here’s to being more active!

Ahhhh. More active. Something I strive to do yet never accomplish it. But I will strive to do it. Today, I have to say, was quite busy. First off, my family and I did some house hunting and then went for lunch. There, I had buttermilk and ricotta pancakes. Let me tell you, I don't … Continue reading Here’s to being more active!

A fair argument.

EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! Ahhhh, the sweet sound of the Daleks. Buzzzz! And the golden (or not so golden, depending on who's using it) sound of a lightsaber. Then comes, of course, the constant booing from the crowd. I don't find it physically possible not to like these shows! In fact, Doctor Who and Star Wars are … Continue reading A fair argument.

Friday Barnes.

I have one huge question to ask you before I begin. "Have you read Friday Barnes?" Beware, if you haven't it is catastrophic and you probably need to put down your digital device and make a special trip to the library to read it. Friday Barnes is a great (and I mean super great) series. In … Continue reading Friday Barnes.

Book Review

  This is a new series that I'm starting. Every week I'm going to push myself to read a book and then review it. I've just recently finished a book called Burning Midnight. Let the review begin!! Name: Burning Midnight Age Group: 11+ Author: Will McIntosh Storyline: Burning Midnight is set in New York City … Continue reading Book Review