Saturday 16th of October

Schools officially out. I am extremely happy about this especially because I am going away and let's be honest, no one likes getting up early in the morning. Let's face the facts: Humans are naturally lazy in some form (some in many more). Imagine me with a guilty face about the size of the sun. … Continue reading Saturday 16th of October

Here’s to being more active!

Ahhhh. More active. Something I strive to do yet never accomplish it. But I will strive to do it. Today, I have to say, was quite busy. First off, my family and I did some house hunting and then went for lunch. There, I had buttermilk and ricotta pancakes. Let me tell you, I don't … Continue reading Here’s to being more active!

A fair argument.

EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! Ahhhh, the sweet sound of the Daleks. Buzzzz! And the golden (or not so golden, depending on who's using it) sound of a lightsaber. Then comes, of course, the constant booing from the crowd. I don't find it physically possible not to like these shows! In fact, Doctor Who and Star Wars are … Continue reading A fair argument.

Friday Barnes.

I have one huge question to ask you before I begin. "Have you read Friday Barnes?" Beware, if you haven't it is catastrophic and you probably need to put down your digital device and make a special trip to the library to read it. Friday Barnes is a great (and I mean super great) series. In … Continue reading Friday Barnes.

Book Review

  This is a new series that I'm starting. Every week I'm going to push myself to read a book and then review it. I've just recently finished a book called Burning Midnight. Let the review begin!! Name: Burning Midnight Age Group: 11+ Author: Will McIntosh Storyline: Burning Midnight is set in New York City … Continue reading Book Review

Lazy Life…

You know those times when you feel too lazy to do something and do without it because you can't be bothered? If you don't feel that way, then I definitely do. This is a list of all the lazy things that I have done or seen done in my lifetime: The microwave: Beware, the microwave … Continue reading Lazy Life…