Guilty as charged….

Yes, I know. I have blogged at all in the last month. It’s nearing the end of term and I hope in the holidays I’ll be able to blog more because during school, I have so many extra-circular activities and many more things. Anyway, I’m going away to Phuket and Bangkok so don’t expect me to be blogging all the time!

Now one thing that many people may (or may not) know, is that I have a very great passion for musicals! Yes some people may groan and this (ahem Charlie), but while musicals may have not the best reputation, They definitely should have! Many people may think musicals are all operay and stuff like that but they most certainly are not! I’m currently doing my Musical Theater exam and so many of the songs, while there not well known, are upbeat, new and very fun! Did you know, Rold Dhal’s book Matilda is actually a musical and it is one of the best musicals I have ever seen! While many people love pop, I have to say I disagree, because musical theatre is not a only singing well, it’s also telling a story.



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