Here’s to being more active!

Ahhhh. More active. Something I strive to do yet never accomplish it. But I will strive to do it.

Today, I have to say, was quite busy. First off, my family and I did some house hunting and then went for lunch. There, I had buttermilk and ricotta pancakes. Let me tell you, I don’t really see the point in ricotta pancakes. They taste the same as buttermilk and they just name the texture all wrong! Then, I had my performing arts school. Going in there, I was thinking “I’m not going to do much today”, as I’m playing Gingy in Shrek Jr and while it is quite a big role, currently I’m not doing very much. Anyway, today I realised I had a huge scene and sing I was in to perform! It’s annoying that the one day I have something to do, I have a cold!

Anyway, I have a part to go to so I better stop blogging. So this was so short! 😩