Saturday 16th of October

Schools officially out. I am extremely happy about this especially because I am going away and let’s be honest, no one likes getting up early in the morning. Let’s face the facts:

Humans are naturally lazy in some form (some in many more). Imagine me with a guilty face about the size of the sun.

while early mornings sometimes go together with some people, the other half still thinks 7:30 still’s at night. I mean, the morning doesn’t start until 11, right?

Knowing you have to get up early every morning to go to school, really isn’t worth getting up early in the first place. I mean, when will you ever need to know what the circumference of a circle is?

great. Now that you have agreed with my facts we can begin. I can just see your face think that these are false. If you wearn’t lazy, you wouldn’t be reading this and would be exercising! Whatever, we can agree to disagree (even though I know I’m right!).

so my schedule on a Monday would go a little like this:

8:00: waking up to the screams of my brother desperately trying to wake me up. Roll my head over, say I’m coming and then fall back to sleep.

8:05: realising that I dozed off really means I’ve got to rush to get to school. I yell I’m coming, walk down the stairs and go to the bathroom.

8:10: I eat my breakfast as fast as I can and then get changed into my school uniform.

8:15: I’m brushing my teeth while reading a book (2 minutes can go really slowly and it’s the only way I’ll actually do it for 2 minutes) Then I head to the car with my bag.

8:25 I’m in the classroom and am saying here at the roll.

Know one needs to tell me that I’m a wizard at getting ready for school (I am well aware that I’m awesome)

Now it’s time for my routine on a Sat-

You know what? This is long enough.