A fair argument.

EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! Ahhhh, the sweet sound of the Daleks. Buzzzz! And the golden (or not so golden, depending on who’s using it) sound of a lightsaber. Then comes, of course, the constant booing from the crowd. I don’t find it physically possible not to like these shows! In fact, Doctor Who and Star Wars are some of my favourite things to watch of all time! The other day, my friend suggested a Star Wars movie marathon for anyone who wanted to come. She found only 5 or 6 people. I seriously don’t know how Star Wars became so famous if nobody likes it!

You know, at school, everybody hates persuasive texts, including me. But today, I will be writing a persuasive text just to convince you how good these sci-fi classics actually are.  I guess Doctor Who isn’t that classic anymore, as they are continuing to make it even now, but it’s still good! Strap yourself in because like Tom Anglebeager said in his book adaptation of Star Wars, “We’re jumping in at light speed!”.

Let’s begin with Doctor Who. It’s been going on since 1963 (I am not completely crazy about it! I did just google that!) and it hasn’t been discontinued. Some people must watch it, right?  Plus, I’ve heard they have a limited budget, but the episodes still look pretty good considering. The Doctor has such a cool personality every time. From the 9th doctor always smiling at the worst of moments, to the 10th doctor bouncing around with such enthusiasm, to the 12th doctor with his sarcasm and little emotional sensitivity. They all have so much personality which you have to admire. It keeps you watching to see the ways the doctor reacts to alien threats and once you’ve started a season there is always some cliffhanger that has that effect on you that you’ll never want to miss an episode! Then there are the plot lines like the Impossible Girl, where Clara Oswald dies and then happens to be alive centuries later as an entirely different person. “Who is she?” you ask. It is episodes and seasons like this that keep you begging for more. Not to mention, Doctor Who isn’t a really frightening show. It is just scary enough to make it interesting but not too scary. And I’m a real judge of that because I get freaked out by tv shows really easily.

I find Star Wars just a tad scarier, but just as good. I just wish they could hurry up and make more movies. I am itching for the 8th movie to come out! Star Wars is adventurous, funny (especially with the banter between Hans Solo and Luke), and plain suspenseful. I love when they invaded the Death Star and when, in the 7th movie, there were such close calls when escaping Jakku.


Then there was that extreme sadness when you knew that Diego and Jyn weren’t going to survive (Rogue One).

(It’s okay now. No more spoilers)

The thing I find amazing, is how old it is, but how good the animation is! I have no idea how they achieved such good animation with the spaceships and the aliens! The lightsabers are cool and I think they were a very inventive weapon compared to guns and swords. The characters are played by really good actors like Harrison Ford as Han Solo, with his witty attitude, and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, with her strong determination. And it never gets old.

No, that was not quite as a teacher would teach you to write it (it’s missing a couple of paragraphs for starters), but it’s a persuasive (hopefully) text either way. I love both Star Wars and Doctor Who so much, and I think that anyone who doesn’t has no idea what they’re missing out on.

From Charlie