BREAKING NEWS! Something (unknown) has been found in an area in space known as the Kuiper belt, and it is huge. Plus, the strange thing about it is, not only that its extreme mass is bending gravity, but that it’s never been noticed before. Answer me this, how can something so huge never have been noticed before? Surely humans aren’t that ignorant. It begs the question of whether or not it was actually there before. Creepy, right? Or just plain exciting! What if it’s aliens?! Imagine. An alien spacecraft that is so big and yet still able to travel. The technology would be mind-blowing! Of course it could just be a planet, but I don’t think so. Scientists think that whatever it is is actually affecting the tilt of the other planets. Scientists also think that if this “thing” moves away, it could drag those planets with it, and maybe us. Of course, it is unlikely that it will happen while you and me are still alive, but you never know. We might have the most exciting lives that humans have had for centuries.

Then again, don’t get too excited by the whole moving galaxies thing, because we happen to be living in a part of the galaxy called the Goldilocks zone. A place with a temperature not too hot, not too cold and just right to support water. If we move, there is an extremely large chance that we won’t survive. We could run out of water, sunlight, even have more or less gravity affect us. We could even burn if we get too close to the sun. So many possibilities. But then there is that tiny chance that we could survive and meet alien civilisations. Then, of course, there is the possibility of that species being the meanest species in the universe. Or they could be the sweetest. But, either way, it’s a new discovery! Think of how massive this “thing” would have to be to bend gravity. It makes you think how tiny us humans must be. Like ants compared to the sun. And yet, even the sun isn’t that big. It’s like the saying, “there’s always a bigger fish” .

So next time you look up at the stars (if you can see any when all the lights from the city are so bright it blocks them all out) think about all the different planets, and possibly, the extraterrestrial life out there. Remember, you are just tiny speck. No doubt important to life on Earth, but in the big, wide galaxy, even Earth is just a speck. So if you and me are just a speck, what’s big?

From Charlie