Updates, updates, updates…

Hello again readers! Wow, I haven't blogged for such a long time! Life has just been getting ahead of me. So, recent developments. Tests. Tests. Tests. The past week has just been tests. I guess it wasn't too bad, but it definitely is not something I would want to do everyday. We had a persuasive … Continue reading Updates, updates, updates…

The Sonic Screwdriver (or Scio)

I am not totally obsessed with Doctor who, but I am obsessed with his screwdriver. You may not know what a Sonic Screwdriver is. A Sonic Screwdriver looks something like this: It can unlock locks, analyse objects, and disable any robot, as long as there are no deadlocks. And now, someone has decided to create … Continue reading The Sonic Screwdriver (or Scio)

Recorder (if you ignore this because it’s about recorders, you are proving exactly what this post is all about)

You know, there are a few things in this world that I get very annoyed about, and one of them is how so many people are prejudiced against recorders. Just because they don't have a great reputation, doesn't mean they can't sound good. Take Perkelt, for example, who is an absolutely sensational recorder player. Of … Continue reading Recorder (if you ignore this because it’s about recorders, you are proving exactly what this post is all about)


BREAKING NEWS! Something (unknown) has been found in an area in space known as the Kuiper belt, and it is huge. Plus, the strange thing about it is, not only that its extreme mass is bending gravity, but that it's never been noticed before. Answer me this, how can something so huge never have been noticed … Continue reading Gravity

DIY: Pom Poms

Pom poms. They are fluffy, often adorable, and easy to make! Before we get into making it, let's begin with why you should make them. There are so many uses for these pom poms, but one of my favourites is the pom pom bookmark. It is so cute! But the big question is, how in the world … Continue reading DIY: Pom Poms

Happy Easter!

Charlie: Hello from Charlie (and if she was here, CJ) and I am wishing you a very happy Easter (and if you don't celebrate Easter, a very happy day)! We have a special guest I will be interviewing today with big fluffy ears and lots of easter eggs...presenting...the Easter Bunny! I will hand this post … Continue reading Happy Easter!

In Genoa…day 2…

Last night, we realised something terrible. There are no restaurants in Portofino that cook  Pizza! So we resorted to something even better, pasta and seafood. They make a lot of seafood in Portofino since it is a coastal town, and pasta because it is Italy. We went to the restaurant with the best reviews, Ristorante Da Puny. You may … Continue reading In Genoa…day 2…