In Genoa…day 2…

Last night, we realised something terrible. There are no restaurants in Portofino that cook  Pizza! So we resorted to something even better, pasta and seafood. They make a lot of seafood in Portofino since it is a coastal town, and pasta because it is Italy. We went to the restaurant with the best reviews, Ristorante Da Puny.


You may be thinking that that sounds like the worst restaurant in town. I mean, the name certainly isn’t very attractive to people who speak the English language but the food is great! I had pasta with pesto and tomato sauce (all in one dish!), just like was recommended by people who had previously been to the restaurant. And although that also may not sound extremely appealing, it was absolutely delicious. My parents shared an oyster pasta dish which looked really tasty (but I am not really a big fan of oysters so I didn’t have it myself).

Today, we aren’t planning on doing much. We will be casually walking around Portofino and checking out all there is in town. Other than that we’ll just be chilling. By chance, we have already found an Italian deli called Portofino Gourmet Deli Market, and I am amazed by the quality of all the food. I have already tried some cheese which has blown me away. We are definitely returning there today (to stock up on delicious food for the journey to come). Well, I must go now, as I will be heading out from my hotel room in a couple of minutes. I hope you are having such an exciting holiday as me!

From Charlie