What to Write About

I know, I know. I haven’t been posting in a really long time but I really don’t know what to write about. And I know that’s no excuse but do you know how hard it is to find topics to write about? I mean, Charlie could write all day about her fantastic trip to Paris, London, Italy, etc, etc, etc.  In the school holidays, you can be very busy or very bored. Let   me break it down to you:

If the holidays have fun things to do such as going to the beach or going shopping it is:

A. A good holiday,

And B. Most likely summer.

Why? because summer is fun. And everyone puts so much effort into the long holidays that they forget all about the others! The second sentence is the same as the first, but opposite. We have a mini amusement park opening up soon but it opens the day after school starts. I mean, what is the point of that?! I swear, they did it on purpose. Coincidence? I think not. Now I sound like a super cool detective!

But I’m not saying that my holidays have been bad. I have had really fun doing a four-day course on coding. I even learnt java script! But let me tell you, 52 lines of code, just to make the player walk!

I cannot wait until Easter. This year, we are going down to my Nonno’s farm. But I’ll save the rest of what I’m doing for our Easter edition podcast…..

Hopefully I’ll be able to do more blog posts soon but for now I’m going to be signing off.

From CJ.