In Genoa…

After being in Pisa for 3 days,  I am in Genoa and I will be here tonight, tomorrow night, and the next morning I will be leaving. But I will forget about that horrible time when I have to leave this place and explain what I have done already. I am currently at Portofino. It looks like this:


Of course, that is just a photo off the internet. My photography skills are terrible, so I thought you’d get a better idea of it if I showed you a picture taken by a professional photographer.

Anyway, it’s great here, just like in Pisa. Can you see how colourful the buildings are?! I have never seen buildings so colourful as this. We are staying at a hotel in Portofino, right on the the coastline. In other words, boat rides and beaches! Today, we have already been to the Paraggi Beach. It is the best beach I’ve been to, ever! But I seriously still need to keep going on about the colours of these buildings. It is just gobsmacking. I had no idea it was going to be like that when I came. I just thought it would be just like any other coastal town.

You know, fun fact for you, my Grandad actually grew up in Genoa, so he is an expert on it. Though I am actually not sure whether he liked it that much after living there for a while.

We have also been on a taxi boat today. It was my first time on a motor boat and it was an interesting experience, but all in all, it was pretty good. The ocean views are beautiful and sea is so blue. I love it out here and I could stay here forever. I am actually not such a big fan of beaches (I hate sand and rocks) but this beach is actually quite nice. I still don’t really love the beach, but I enjoyed it today. Anyway, I have to stop blogging as I need to go and have some dinner. I am having pizza! Yay! I am eager to try Italian pizza. I have a slight feeling that Italian pizza won’t be any better than my mum’s homemade pizza though…I’ll keep you updated tomorrow!

From Charlie