Recorder (if you ignore this because it’s about recorders, you are proving exactly what this post is all about)

You know, there are a few things in this world that I get very annoyed about, and one of them is how so many people are prejudiced against recorders. Just because they don’t have a great reputation, doesn’t mean they can’t sound good. Take Perkelt, for example, who is an absolutely sensational recorder player. Of course, most people just think the recorder is a loud, useless instrument that adults were forced to play when they were at school, which in some respects is perfectly true. The recorder does not always sound very good, but you can’t blame that on the instrument! When played well, the recorder can make a really nice sound! I happen to play recorder and it really annoys me when people look down on me because I don’t play flute, or violin or piano. People need to start seeing beyond what they hear or what was in the past, because recorder could go so much further if people just payed more attention to it. It is no less important than any other instrument.

From Charlie