The dream to fly (or hover)

It’s the dream of many to be able to fly. A hover board is probably the closest we’ll get (not trying to dampen anyone’s spirits) in this day and age, and even they’re hard to find. From what I have researched there is only one type of hoverboard which actually hovers. The Lexus hover board. Yes, some people may call it a fluke, but with the scenario it was tested with it did work.

The Lexus hover board is made of positive electromagnets and uses liquid nitrogen to power it. But there’s a catch. It only works in a skate park which underneath all the concrete has a track made of negative electromagnets. You couldn’t repave the whole world with negative electromagnetic tracks underneath them, although it would be super cool. My dream would be to build a city run on entirely renewable energy, with hover boards, hover cars, and everything! Of course, it would cost so much money, but even making a scale model would be cool. I have a whole book of different ideas to do with these things. Thinking about the future is one of my favourite pastimes.

Anyway, I also saw a video that was taken in 2011 of a hover car. I don’t know whether it was a fake or not, but it was videoed in India and was supposedly run by the Kepler foundation. 2 months after I saw the video I searched for it again, and the video didn’t exist. And I think the experiment was actually run by the Kepler Project which is a science based project. Since then, I haven’t found any other examples of hover cars on the internet, except for one. The people’s car. The people’s car is a hover car that works on the same principles as the Lexus hover board. Of course, it doesn’t actually hover, but with the electromagnetic strips beneath the ground, it would be possible. This is a link to the video of the hover car, even if it is just a fake. Hopefully some time (near) in the future, these cars actually exist. Thank you to the woman who actually thought of this idea in the first place! This is the link that shows  the surprise they organised for her. She won the competition run by Volkswagen.

From Charlie