Happy Easter!

Charlie: Hello from Charlie (and if she was here, CJ) and I am wishing you a very happy Easter (and if you don’t celebrate Easter, a very happy day)! We have a special guest I will be interviewing today with big fluffy ears and lots of easter eggs…presenting…the Easter Bunny! I will hand this post over to him…

EB: Hello readers of Miss Einstein. As you previously have been informed, I am the Easter bunny! Last night I left you some Easter eggs. It was a very close call because a couple of you almost woke up when I left them in your rooms. There were a couple of you that waited awake in bed to see whether I am real or not and I had to bamboozle you so you would forget all about me. I reported these crimes to Santa Claus.

Charlie: Hmm. Now, could you please tell us how you give eggs to everyone in the world?

EB: Well, that is a secret that needs to stay a secret, but I will give you a clue that I have lots of different helpers, like Santa. 

Charlie: Wow! I wonder where you’d keep so many helpers?

EB: Sneaky. I am sorry, but I can’t answer that as it will give away my whereabouts. Not that I don’t move around a bit anyway, whoops! Oh, I just told you part of my secret! Double sneaky! You are like a vampire, sucking all the information out of me!

Charlie: Oh, I didn’t do anything (very innocently)! I just have one last question to ask. How do you keep hidden from everyone? I mean, it would be so hard not to be seen!

EB: Yes, it is very hard, but we like to camouflage as things that children get used to, so they don’t think it’s strange when we hang around before we deliver the Easter eggs. Of course, they never know what thing we are and at night when we deliver the eggs, we make sure we aren’t seen at all.

Charlie: Well, thank you Easter Bunny for taking the time to be interviewed today. I’m sure us children will be very grateful. Now, can you let me finish the post before you bamboozle me?


Thanks. So this is bye from Miss Einstein and have a happy Easter!

From Charlie (and the Easter Bunny)…