Cooking With CJ

Ok, I’ve been having some complaints about my Uncooking post (Ok, it was only my mum), so I have decided to give you guys a recipe (that I made up) to make CJ Choc Milkshake. It involves no heat at all so I’ll be fine!

What you need

  • 2 cups of Milk (duh)
  •  4 squeezes Chocolate sauce
  • 1 handful of Choc chips
  •  3 teaspoons of Nutella (Don’t have it if you are allergic to nuts (and don’t sue me if you use it anyway))
  • 1 scoop of vanilla or Chocolate ice-cream.
  • sprinkles!! (I had to!)
  • 2 plastic bags


Step 1.

Pour in the milk and the chocolate sauce in the plastic bag. Tie a double knot in bag and shake it up! You could also while you’re waiting play with your younger brother (Who am I kidding?! As if you’re going to do that!)

Step 2.

take the mixture out of the bag and into the new one. Spoon in the Nutella and the chocolate chips and the ice-cream. Tie it, then, Shake, shake, shake!

Step 3.

Pour the mixture into a glass and then sprinkle the sprinkles on top!

And there you go! I just realised you could just use a blender instead of the bag!