So, I should be writing about something, but that something doesn’t seem to exist in my brain right now. This leads to me rambling on about, well, that’s the question. I haven’t done a “did you know” post yet today and I am struggling thinking of even some did you knows to write about, so I will just be talking about random things that pop up in my head. As I was writing that I thought of something. Have you heard about how Carrie Fisher died? The name like that may not ring any bells, but let me put it this way. Princess Leia from Star Wars. Now do you know what I’m talking about? If you don’t, you have probably been locked up in a concrete box all your life. Princess Leia, or Carrie Fisher, recently suffered a heart attack, then later died. Yes that’s right. Died. I am devastated. She was one of my favourite characters! Now she won’t be able to be in any Star Wars movies due to be made after she died! I am also so angry about Hans solo. He also died! In the movie, though. It came with no warning whatsoever. There went the most interesting character in the movies!  I simply hate it when that happens. On a similar topic, have you heard of not the movie, but the TV series, Trollhunters? It is a netflix original series so if you don’t have Netflix you probably won’t have heard of it, but, either way, it is really good! It is about a boy called Jim (it’s cartoon) who wants something more to his life, and then, when the previous troll hunter dies, he is chosen to wield the amulet. The amulet is a blue badge sort of thing and transforms him to have a suit of magical armour and a sword. He protects the good trolls and hunts down and turns the bad trolls to stone. Of course, it is not all about this, though a great majority of it is, or is connected to it in some way. It is also about high school life. Jim falls in love with a girl called Claire at school but has never spoken. You can see where that leads to. It is a really gripping series with great animation. The bad thing is the main character’s voice actor and the creator of the series (they are one and the same person) has died before they made the seasons that continue after the first. You have to complete the next two seasons to know how certain parts of the story that haven’t been answered turn out! I am dearly hoping that the series won’t be discontinued and they will continue to make the seasons to come. Also, are any of you interested in a series, also a Netflix original, based on the characters from How to train your dragon? The difference is, they are older and the  series is much better than the movies! I was attached from the moment I started watching the first episode. The problem with that is, I watched them all in one day! Now I don’t think they are going to bring out a 3rd Season so I must resort to another TV show, much like troll hunters. Except, one that does not have such a high chance of being discontinued!

So, I did think of something, or , more like, some things. I hope you found this interesting. I tried to get a star rating so you could tell me if you thought this was good but sadly I failed. But that is a conversation for another day…