Lazy Life…

You know those times when you feel too lazy to do something and do without it because you can’t be bothered? If you don’t feel that way, then I definitely do. This is a list of all the lazy things that I have done or seen done in my lifetime:

  1. The microwave: Beware, the microwave is on a different floor to the living room and the kitchen. If you want to heat up your food from the previous night, it requires a tedious trip down the stairs. Sometimes, I decide toast is better than whatever I was going to heat up for breakfast.
  2. When you could walk to the shop 20m away, but instead, you drive. I have seen this on many occasions, but obviously haven’t had the luxury of doing it myself as I can’t drive. Well, unless of course I am in the car that is taking the lazy option.
  3. Stairs: It happens to be that at my school we have a lift for the injured to reach our classrooms. A lift that saves people from walking up 4 flights of stairs. But bear in mind, no matter how many times the teachers tell them off, numerous students take every opportunity to either accompany the injured in the lift, or just take a luxurious ride for no apparent reason at all! So unfair!
  4. The object: You are walking to a class and realise that you have to return to your locker on the other side of the school to get something. You can either:

A. Get in trouble for forgetting the object.

Or B. Traipse back to your locker and get the object and then be late and get in trouble anyway.

Or if you are not lazy, avoid both options by running (instead of traipsing) and catching up with your friends just as they walk into the classroom, with the object. Of course, it would be much easier just to be organised, but really, I know no-one at my school who is really organised (well, other than my teacher).

5. Plain lazy: I am sure that anyone reading this could think up a hundred more things to include in the list. But today, I’m going to be lazy, and not bother.

From Charlie