Book Review


This is a new series that I’m starting. Every week I’m going to push myself to read a book and then review it. I’ve just recently finished a book called Burning Midnight. Let the review begin!!


Name: Burning Midnight

Age Group: 11+

Author: Will McIntosh

Storyline: Burning Midnight is set in New York City and mysterious spheres are hidden all around the world. People hunt them and then sell them for thousands of dollars. So what do these spheres do? Well, they can give you superpowers! Sully and Hunter team up to hunt for spheres and make a few extra dollars. But with big companies such as Holidays stealing the orbs, things are getting much harder to find. And as more people are buying them, the more greedy the humans get……

Positives: This is such a clever idea and book! It always keeps you guessing and it is described incredibly well. The storyline just keeps getting better and better and more intense. It’s a really great book to read if you love mysteries and magic. It has a futuristic touch and it makes the readers feel like they are in the book.

Negatives: The book does sware a bit but there not incredibly bad ones. The storyline can be a bit hard to follow and can drag on a bit but all in all it’s a very good book.

Reccommed: as I said, this book does sware and it may be hard to follow so you do need to be committed. I would say it’s for people who like to read and love a good book. I would recommend this very passionately.

Overall rating: IMG_0968.JPG



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