Friday Barnes.

I have one huge question to ask you before I begin.

“Have you read Friday Barnes?”

Beware, if you haven’t it is catastrophic and you probably need to put down your digital device and make a special trip to the library to read it. Friday Barnes is a great (and I mean super great) series. In other words, a must read. In case you haven’t heard of it before, which I find very unlikely, Friday Barnes is about a girl detective who is so smart she knows about Quantum Mechanics (something that you probably won’t have heard of) better than most graduated university students. If you don’t know what Quantum Mechanics is, I suggest you look it up and prepare to have your brain boggled. Let’s just say it’s very complicated. But, Friday Barnes isn’t good at anything. Her social skills are probably a 1/10. She has one friend who is always napping, but who is very funny, and she has a load of cases to solve. It is the best type of story there could be! Boarding school + Mystery + Girl empowerment + a whole load of humour!



The best thing about Friday Barnes right now, is that the next book- Bitter Enemies- is coming out some time in July! Yay! There are around six books in the series so far, so if you want to be ready to read the newest book by the time it comes out, you’d better start reading!

From Charlie.