Birthday ideas

Do you know how many websites have the worst birthday party and birthday present ideas? Well thankfully there is one good website for it, this one! Today, you will read about all my favourite birthday party ideas, all in one spot!

  1. Go Karting + Dodgems + Laser Tag

One of the best groups of activities ever! Action packed, fun, and with that edge of competition to it that makes a party all the better. Plus, I usually win at Go Karting-

-No, you don’t!!!

CJ, there is no disputing it. Anyway, paired with a good cake and a bit of a killer instinct, this is the go to party for kids!

2. Treasure Hunt

Looking for a cheap option? A treasure hunt (providing you have a big enough house) is a great indoor party. I had a treasure hunt for my birthday party in year 4 and it was so much fun. We did it in teams of two and there was a lot of racing around the house. Not to mention there are loads of online templates for clues, so it isn’t much work either. I suggest you google Nancy Drew treasure hunts. They look like a lot of fun. There are also some places you can go where they host treasure hunts but I prefer the ones at home.

3. Limousine ride

Lights, camera, action! Luxurious too! This party idea is expensive but it is soooo fun! There are disco lights and karaoke! There’s nothing better than a good sing-along. You can get the limousine to drop you off at a restaurant so you can go out for lunch and best of all, on arrival, they roll out a red carpet (well, when I did it for my party they did!). I’d say this is the most glamorous option on this list.

4. Strike

I have been to a bowling place called Strike before, and it is the best! You can do bowling, laser tag, escape rooms, Karaoke, and have it all with food included. I am sure there are many other places that also have the same activities as Strike, so if you don’t happen to spend your birthday where a Strike bowling place happens to be, you should be able to find somewhere else! My favourite part of it is the escape rooms. You have one hour to find the clues and escape from the room. It is the best fun and definitely great for a party of six. One time, my friends and I did an escape room together and it was ten seconds until the end. I had the job of counting these rectangles that would lead the code numbers that would let us escape, but I lost count so we ended up losing the escape room. We were in an escape room so noisy the ground vibrated. Super cool!

5. Tree surfing

Picking your way across rope bridges at great heights, swinging on a zip line to the other side of the forest! It calls for an epic party, just for adventurous kids like me (not really, but I do like Tree Surfing)!

So hopefully you got some good ideas from that for your own parties, but what about birthday presents for someone else’s?! That’s the tricky part, especially if you don’t know the person very well.

So, for the maths geeks:

  • puzzle books
  • puzzle cubes
  • Really, really interesting books on maths (You may find that a little impossible if you don’t like maths)
  • A really cool calculator (I haven’t actually seen one in my life, but you might as well try)
  • A pair of nerdy glasses (sorry, I just had to include that)
  • Something entirely not to do with maths! Who knows, they may hate maths on their birthday!

For the kids who dream of becoming sports commentators:

  • The coolest foursquare or down-ball ball in the world! A hexagonal, cool smiley face, light-up kind of ball that they can wow everyone at school with.
  • Tip: Don’t ever buy someone a skipping rope. It is likely that your school owns skipping ropes they can borrow already.
  • If they’re into it, a limited edition pack of sports trading cards (make sure they don’t already own them!).
  • Some piece of sports equipment they’ve been wishing to own for ages (sorry, not very helpful!).
  • Voucher to a sporty clothes store like Sportsgirl or Adidas.

Don’t forget the glitz and glamor:

  • Nail and hair kit (make your own nail polish!)
  • An extremely nice jacket like the one I got from one of my friends on my 9th birthday.
  • Style Me Up notebook
  • Lipstick, lipgloss, perfume, and nail polish in a nice purse.
  • Stylish iPhone or computer case.
  • A cute bag, or a swirl water bottle.

Danger: Kid in science mode:

  • Tip: Don’t buy them a run of the mill chemistry kit. Believe me, every kid who’s into science has one. Check next time you go their house and I bet you there will be one there, and if there’s not, lucky you! You’ve got an easy present buying candidate! But choose a good chemistry set that you think will actually be interesting. Most of them require a lot of food from the kitchen and a Bunson burner and when you do the experiments they aren’t actually that interesting. You’d be better off getting some of the other things I suggest.
  • Slime kit- Yes, you heard me right, a slime kit. Obviously not for the people who care about getting their hands dirty. You could also make some really good slime and give to them as their birthday present!
  • Sphero- although rather on the expensive side, it is a lot of fun to code and play with and has a bit of a personality too! A great present and with a load of free apps to go with it! Just make sure that before you buy it you check whether your friend has an iPad or iPhone to control it with. They haven’t developed a web version yet but are working on it right now. For the Star Wars lovers there is also a BB-8 version of it which projects holograms and responds to a watch. There is more on Sphero in another post I’ve written.


Anyway, that’s all for today, and I hope you aren’t at loss with your next birthday celebration!

From Charlie