The never-ending book.

A never-ending book. Impossible, but so wonderful! That’s my wish for today. Imagine being able to read Harry Potter adventures for as long as you wish, or Malory Towers, forever. That would be the best. In books like Harry Potter, when you reach the end you wish there was another page so you could be in that world for just that little bit longer. But, of course, there is no such thing as a never-ending book. Like there is no such thing as a never-ending movie or a never-ending cookie. So, we resort to reading lots of different books. But what I am getting at here, is how if authors spent their time writing endless adventures rather than multiple books of different content, how great it would be for the readers. I don’t think I’d ever get tired of a book like Ruby Redfort and I was so disappointed when Lauren Child ended the series. A never-ending series! Sigh. You see, the only problem with that marvellous idea, is that authors would never do that, as some people are bound to get tired of the series at some point (some people does not include me) and would stop buying their books. Also, there would be less books to read if every author wrote only one book each lifetime (sounds like a good idea for a novel, right?).

So, in the end, my solution to the never-ending book is merely writing one myself. If nobody else will, it’s my chance to shine. The never-ending amount of stuff you can write. Wish come true.

From Charlie

P.s A fun fact for you, the never-ending book actually does exist! But, it’s an online game. Too bad, so sad!