Ciao! Today, I am typing from my hotel in Lucca. It was a long drive to get here (I arrived yesterday) and I wasn’t quite sure what it would be like. But it is beautiful. I mean, Italy always is. Never should I have doubted it.

Anyway, do you ever feel car-sick? You see, after I’ve been in a car for 7 hours, I do start to feel car sick, but usually if it is only 3 hours long, I am perfectly fine. Whereas for others, no matter what the distance they drive, they feel car sick anyway. People’t often ask me how I can read in the car. I seem to be very lucky. It doesn’t make me feel sick. I ask them, how? When you are on a road trip and you can’t read a book, what do you do? I look out of the window for the remainder of the time and think about stuff. But really, no drawing, no reading, and an upset stomach would make for a very boring road trip. I am thankful I don’t get car sick.

But back to this trip specifically, it took around about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to Lucca. I wish it took less time so we could spend more time doing stuff, but then, we are in no rush, and will probably be here for 3 days.

Anyway, I am going to end this blog post here. Bye and if you are reading this from school, don’t feel too bad about me being in a different country missing school. I am only having the best time (not aiming to brag).

From Charlie