Lucca (day 3)

So, I have been here two days, and I have already seen so many sights. Lucca is great (not to boast, once again) and I am thoroughly enjoying it. There is a place called the Guinigi Tower, and it has the most amazing view. You get to experience a view of all of Lucca and it is the best. I did think it a bit weird though, when there were Oak trees growing at the top of the tower. Who grows Oak trees on the top of a tower?! Not to mention, I actually think that the tower used to be someone’s home. We heard a tour guide say that the second-top level used to be a kitchen and the top level used to be a kitchen garden! People must have lived below then, right? And there were supposed to have been 250 towers before, but I just don’t believe that. 250 towers! I mean, how are we supposed to believe that? It is probably true but I can’t exactly seem to get my head around it.

You know, there is supposed to be the best horseback riding for kids (does that mean pony rides?) in Lucca, but I don’t like to go anywhere near horses. Is that a waste of an opportunity? I guess not if I don’t like it. So I conclude that I will skip the horse riding. I know a girl at my school who is crazy about horse riding and has been to too many competitions to count. I’m sure she would love a ride in Lucca. I also wonder with “for kids” means really young kids or older ones too? Anyway, I must go now. Bye!

From Charlie