Daily adventure

Today I had a sleepover with Charlie and basically all we did this morning was work on the website and the podcast!! Now, if you search up “Miss Einstein blog” our website is 6th on the lader!! And if you search up “Miss Einstein Podcast” we take up the first 5 rows!! Yay!!! That explains why we have views in America and India!!

Currently, Charlie is doing tags and writing scripts and I’m doing posts.

Anyway, for breakfast I had these yummy creaps with Lemon and sugar and Nutella!! Yum!! Yum!! YUM!!!!!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas break filled with toys, books, chocolate, fun and most of all family!! (Wow.. I really sound like a teacher)

Okay.. well…. goodbye!! Tune in tomorrow to see what I’m doing!! (Come to think of it, what am I doing?!)


P.s  forgot to publish this so we had a sleepover about 3 days ago now…