Late and bored and having nothing to do

I’m sitting at on an old desktop all alone in my drama clothes that I’ve been in since 2:30pm, and it’s now 9:10pm and I’ll be here for another hour or so. Guess where I am? At the hospital in the Theatre ward. No, I’m not dying but thanks for asking. My dad’s a doctor and he has to do surgery so I’m all alone. Boo Hoo. Hey, I’m so desperate to find things to do that I’m doing coding and making my own games since this computer doesn’t have flash player. #it’sahardknocklife.   (I’m looking at you Charlie.(she doesn’t know I’m here)). I have nothing to talk about so I’m just typing random this watching the seconds tick by. I’m thinking about Charlie and her never ending trip. I’m also thinking how I  really haven’t been blogging recently (opps) and how we should do a podcast (easier said than done). I have finally decided that I am going to blog Wednesdays, Saturdays and Fridays. Friday’s, I’ll do DIY’S, Wednesdays, I’ll blog and Fridays, I’ll do…..something (I have no idea what!). Hospitals smell weird. I think it’s the sanitisers. There is this board and it says the oxygen levels and the medical air level. (Once it beeped and went orange but it was fine). I’m so tired. It’s 10:00 and I have school tomorrow (on a Sunday, yes). (Don’t judge I’m slow at typing). What else can I talk about? Dumm. Dumm. Dumm.   I’m gonna keep. On. Twiddling. Them. Thumbs. Skiliddydiiydubms! (Know that song?) Sooo tired. Wait I’m going to show you an emoji representing me. Emoji isn’t even in this computers dictionary!! Adding that in now! Where is the emoji section. Oh no! Oh dear! There is no emojis on this computer!! How am I going to express myself? How am I going to text? How am I going to liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive?????




Ok, I’m back! trying to order a case for Charlie (Shhh! Don’t tell) Surgery is soo over dramatic. I have to be sanitised dressed hair nets and all to cross a red line. A. Red. Line. I wasn’t even allowed to go to the bathroom! Anyway, I’m going to wrap up this chat with CJ and go do a bunch of tags and categories and images.

Ciaozies (This isn’t in the desktops dictionary either)


PS Sorry if this isn’t corrected very well this desktop doesn’t even have auto correct!