Siena…a recount…

Hello readers! Today I will be recounting all that happened in Siena (A.K.A the best place in the world). I have waited to blog so you can hear about my entire time in Siena in one go! Also, I hoped it provoked a bit of suspense… Anyway, I have some bad news. I have come down with a terrible cold and I have had to stay here for an extra  2 weeks so I would be fit for the car trip to our next destination…Rome! I guess it really isn’t that much of a hardship since it really is quite beautiful out here, but it meant I had to wait to see what Rome is like! Thankfully, we will be able to leave for Rome tomorrow. But today I am blogging to tell you all about what I have done in Siena, so I will begin with explaining to you about a medieval square I visited. This medieval square was called Piazza del Campo and was the only thing I have not liked so far. In fact, I loved  it. The square itself is not the amazing part (even though it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen), but the atmosphere there. Everybody walking by and chatting. That paired with majestic buildings and a beautiful area makes a great place. I would definitely visit there again.

Now, I will skip to the bad news. Three days after we arrived, the wifi in the hotel crashed and it left me with no way of blogging. Thankfully, it came back on today, but sadly that was an extra 8 days stuck in my hotel room with a cold, no internet, and…guess…no tv! Torture.

But that was just the bad part. Anyway, got to go (or as CJ would say, “gtg”).

From Charlie