Siena + a change of plans…

Hello again! I haven’t been blogging lately as there hasn’t been much to say. We stayed another 3 days than we were originally going to in Florence, and literally relaxed the whole time. So, unless you wanted to here the extreme details of our hotel room, I think you would be glad I hadn’t blogged.

But today, I am in Siena, and there is a heap to blog about. Have you tried the Siena cake here? I thought store-bought Siena cake was heavenly. This Siena cake is even better! I am capturing my thoughts sitting at a cafe which makes the famous Siena cake. It is meant to be a Christmas cake but I found a cafe that makes them all year round! Hooray! Anyway, it is just beautiful in this city, definitely worth the drive. It took around 1 hour to get here by car and by the end I was feeling a tad bored. Thankfully, we’re here now! We’re thinking about going to this medieval square which is supposed to be one of the biggest of it’s kind in the world. I wonder what a medieval square will look like. I have never exactly been to one.

Anyway, I will blog more soon. For now, I am off to see the sights!

From Charlie