The Conduct of Cats

Cats. You think they don’t understand you. But imagine this:

Your cat lives in your house and creeps around pretending to be minding it’s own business, but instead listening in on your conversation and gathering information. They could even be doing it when they’re “sleeping” (or not sleeping…).

know my cat understands me. It’s just too much of a coincidence that my cat replies (miaows) at just the right time, every time! What if, the cats have a secret society! I mean, it would make sense. Cats are the purr-fect cover for a much bigger and much more sinister plan. A.K.A human information gathering for invasion of Earth and revealing of intelligence. Which is, in other words, the cats are gathering information on us to invade, rule the world, and reveal their hidden intelligence.

Or, they could be a secret agency trying to stop the dogs from doing that. That would explain the cat chase dog, and dog chase cat scenario. Anyway, it is better to stop speculating. I may be arrested by the “secret society”…

From Charlie