In Florence…

Today I am in Florence. I left 3 days ago and drove for an hour and 15 minutes to get here. We have checked into our hotel, the Portrait Firenze (don’t ask me what the name means or how they thought of it), and I am typing while looking at the wonderful view from the window. If you didn’t know, Florence is the capital city of Tuscany and it has some great attractions to visit. We’re going to be checking out Mercato Centrale which is a large market in Florence. My grandma and grandad have been there and they say it is really good. Before I came, I couldn’t wait to go shopping, and for good cause too! It was great! We have already been to see the Ponte Vecchio bridge, which is an iconic landmark here, but haven’t planned anything else. We will be spending two more days here (which is good)!

Anyway, I must go, as Florence is waiting for me! Ciao!

From Charlie