Daily Adventures

Today I will be talking about what I did today.

3am- I wake up due to an itchy eye. Not much to say about that.

8:24- Charlie and I both wake up. No, we don’t live together. We were having a sleepover!! Now, one thing you have to know about me. I do not usually wake up at 8:30!! I’m the girl who likes my sleep as well as Charlie likes algebra! I sleep and sleep and sleep and sl- Zzzzzzzzzzzz…… Ah!! Sorry! #powernap! 😴

10:30- Charlie and I have breakfast. Yummy pancakes with with Nutella and Lemon and Sugar!! Yum!!

11:00-12:30- Charlie and I work on our website. Now if you search up “Miss Einstein blog” on Google, we are 6th on the lader and if you search up “Miss Einstein podcast”, we take up the top five rows!!! Squeeee!!

12:30- Charlie and I have a scrumdiddleyumtions (sorry if I didn’t spell that right) of sausage rolls!!

1:00- Charlie and I record and edit episode 7.

2:20- Charlie and I decorate and ice vanilla cupcakes. They were soooooooo good!! 😋

2:45- We record and edit Episode 8.

3:30- My mum picks me up and we go to the supermarket.

4:45- I come home and make a mini pancake ruber. Soooo cute! Â ğŸ¥ž

6:45- I have a dinner of eye fillet steak and veggies.

9:00- I go up to shower and read.

9:45- I go to bed.

Wow, I’ve had a great day (and wow that sounds more cheesy than cheese itself).