I love cats. Well, most of the time. My cat is usually loving and quite nice, but not today. Why don’t I start at the beginning of my cat time. It is quite a long story so make yourself comfortable and if you have trouble reading without glasses put the glasses on. Remember to fluff up the cushions around you if you’re reading on the couch too.

So, it all began back in Singapore. I loved cats. I’d never had one but I dearly wanted one. The sad thing was that we lived in an apartment,  A.K.A cat free zone. So my dream would have to wait a little longer. Not long later I moved to a place where we would be able to get a cat, finally. But before we got to that I got a bit desperate and saved up all my pocket money for a robotic cat that actually only worked for a week. It seemed that what I needed was the real thing, not a bunch of cords and wires in a plastic case. Then came my dream come true. One day, while we were staying with my grandma, my mum brought home the cutest kitten ever. It had beautiful eyes and a velvet coat and was name Chester. But just like in all the fairytales this kitten was not to be. A year and a half later Chester had to be put down as he was really sick. Too sick to be fixed. I cried when he died and for the next half a year we lived a cat-less life. It was after that that we got our current (naughty) cat. This cat is named Charlie and actually looks like he is wearing Ugg boots with toe holes or little brown socks as we call them. He is snow white (without an apple) and has a fluffy chocolate tail and the cutest little brown nose. We were charmed by his overwhelming cuteness. But with the cuteness came personality like being cheeky, funny, stealthy (uh oh), and naughty (double uh oh). Today the naughty side of him kicked in. The cute little pussy cat with brown socks scratched all the way down my leg!!! But with Charlie he knows what he does is naughty and that he will get in trouble and usually hides under the couch or a chair where you can’t reach him! Today he did that and banished himself to the basement. Then here I am typing here with Charlie meowing an apology which I am not sure whether I should accept, at least until he is too cute too resist…