Breakfast. part 6: the tapioca

Okay. This might seem weird but tapioca is a dessert that I like to have for breakfast. It is not terribly sweet, but still just as tasty as any other dessert, hence why I like it. Tapioca is actually made from a certain plant (that I cannot remember the name of!) and they mould little balls out of it. But don’t be frightened to eat it because of that fact because you would be missing out big time. You mix milk (or you can mix water with it, I think) with it and it thickens leaving a delectable dessert I think everyone would love. Sadly, this is another meal that doesn’t appear on my breakfast menu much. I really would recommend it.

Now I must break the news that brought tears to my eyes. I will be ending the breakfast entries. I don’t have anything else to write about! I’ve told you all my favourite meals and all the ones I hate! So I guess I will have to think up something else…