Christmas Presents

Okay, so I must admit, I haven’t written on Miss Einstein for quite a while, but life is busy! Christmas has come and gone and now, so I am going to drag myself to the computer everyday so I definitely write (not that that would be necessary as I love writing it but sometimes I just forget). But you do not want to hear about my forgetfulness, so I must write about something interesting…like Christmas presents?


Well, I was rather lucky this Christmas and received many Christmas presents (though they were mostly small things so I will just mention my favourite). And you wouldn’t believe what one of them was! It was a Sphero!!! If you don’t know what they are (though I find that unlikely due to their popularity), they are robotic spheres that you control via an iPad, iPhone, tablet, and more. You can code them, play games with them, and if you want to jazz life up a bit, you can even go and get a BB8 (star wars robot)  Sphero which looks like BB8 and acts like BB8. It even has holographic projections built into it! I have the Sprk+ Sphero which is the newest Sphero. It goes really fast but sadly it doesn’t work with some of the Sphero apps yet as they haven’t been updated, but I’m happy because I don’t really need those apps anyway. I have been playing with Sphero all day, everyday (except for when it runs out of battery) because it is so good and I really recommend it for all my readers. CJ has a Sphero too but she got Sphero 2.0 which is a different version but mostly the same.  So that is the story of my favourite ever christmas present. I wonder what you got for Christmas…