Breakfast. part five: the gnocchi

Okay, you may find this weird, but my favourite thing to have for breakfast is Gnocchi, though I seldom get it. Gnocchi, if you don’t already know, is a type of potato pasta. I love it. In fact it is my favourite meal EVER!!! I love having it for breakfast. I mean who wouldn’t it? It melts in your mouth like chocolate and ice-cream on a hot day. And my mum’s Bolognese sauce is so delectable. This is the thing I like about breakfast with Gnocchi, it isn’t really breakfast! It’s so terrible sometimes. At least that’s what my mum says since sometimes I have it for every meal of the day! But that’s straying of the topic of breakfast. All I can say now is how great a pleasure it is when I do have it for breakfast. I also love tapioca for breakfast…

P.s I am sorry I didn’t write this yesterday. I was a bit too busy to write. I will make sure to keep up writing in the future!