Body Preserves

Yeah. You probably thought this was written by Charlie but no, it’s written by me. Ugh. Soon I’ll be wearing nerd glasses!! 🤓

Anyway, there is a man who is going to preserve his whole body for 45 years!! He reckons then he’ll be rich because money will be worth a whole lot more. One of the questions that I keep pondering (yes, pondering!!) on, is that if you were say 20 when you were preserved would you be 65? Or would you still be 20? Scientists believe that you would still be 20 because you have been preserved. Then technically you could keep preserving yourself and you could live forever. I don’t think that’s true. Your brain would keep getting older, wouldn’t it? But then again, it’s been preserved.

Another thing is: You could die!!

And I’m not talking about dying in the process of being preserved (though you still could), as soon as you have been fully preserved, you are considered dead, aren’t you? You’re not alive, so therefore you have no rights. So someone could just kill you. Like actually kill you. And there’s nothing you or the court could do about it.

In summery, why would you do this?! Seriously!! Who wants to live forever? And also, say you were 70 years old and had grandkids, you would miss them growing up!! You would miss the whole world. Things would change. And you wouldn’t be there to see it.

phew!! The nerdiness didn’t kill me!! But that’s definitely all I can handle for today.