Back again…

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay. My parents banned blogging for a while. They said I needed to enjoy more of the “beautiful scenery”. It’s not like I spent my whole time blogging! Quite the opposite in fact! Anyway, have you heard of Pompeii (I made that rhyme!)? Rhetorical Question. Everybody knows about Pompeii. And guess what! I’m there right now. And guess another thing! I am staring right at one of the victims of Pompeii! A bit disgusting looking at 500 year old humans (or something like that, I haven’t been to the museum yet!), but totally cool! Anyway, I won’t fill you in too much on the facts because I hear CJ has recently done a school presentation on it and I am sure she will want to tell you all about it (won’t you CJ, if you are reading this). Also, I won’t fill you in because I haven’t told you about Rome and Naples yet! And those are main attractions. Mind you, I haven’t long to blog so I will have to leave the little details for next time.

The day after I blogged last, we left for Rome. It was a delightful road trip and I have finally found the art of observing empty landscapes and making it seem interesting. To do this, you have to pick on the little details, like the colour of the grass, or the rain crashing down on the roof of the car (and making it hard to hear the person next to you), and the radio failing because we are in the middle of nowhere. Welcome to my life. But I (surprisingly) actually enjoyed it. Sadly, I won’t get to the part about Rome today as I am sick and tired of typing on my phone, but as soon as I get back to my computer I promise to continue. For now, ciao (that rhymed again!)!

From Charlie