Dear Alien…

Once upon a time…

It was growing dark as the evening bore on. Then from out through my blinds, I witnessed a sickening crash as a large pancake shaped block of metal collided with the grassy terrain. A UFO! A light shone bright from the spaceship. I looked away and next thing an alien was standing outside in my garden! I ran outside to shake hands with the alien on camera but it did not know what I was doing.

“Welcome to planet Earth,” I cried, acting rather frightened.

“Earth?” asked the Alien. “What is Earth? It said it in a strangely human voice. I backed away slowly. CJ came walking down the hallway to the living room at that very moment. I stood in front of the saucer so she wouldn’t freak out and managed to shield it from her view but  could still very clearly see the alien.

“What is that,” she stuttered.

“Oh, just an alien taking a coffee break on the way to Neptune,” I replied. “Haven’t you heard? We’re the new alien McDonalds!”

My friend’s eyes grew wide and her mouth opened to scream but no sound came out. Eery sounds began to fill the garden and my friend ran straight back where she came. I heard her scream, “CALL NINE ONE ONE!!!” but nothing else. Next thing there were sirens and I heard a gruff voice and a knock on the door. The police came round the corner just as Thalia unzipped her Alien suit. Did I fool you? Probably not. But my friend well and truly fell for it. She was grounded for 3 weeks to her bedroom and chores because she called the police unnecessarily and her phone was confiscated. Do you want to know how we pulled it off?

The “UFO” was a small prototype of the so called “real thing”, and Thalia just came round the corner of the house when I wasn’t looking. I began backing away when my friend came walking down the hallway making it seem like I was scared. And I stood in front of the UFO because she would clearly smell a rat if there was a fairy sized UFO in the backyard. The eery sounds were easy! They came with an app on Thalia’s iPad! The only downside is, we didn’t know she would call the police and now she won’t talk to either of us. So next time you see an alien ask yourself, what’s really going on…

P.s  This did actually happen.