Botanical Gardens

Whether you’re a 20 year old girl in Uni in New York, or a city girl in Japan or anyone really, you all have parks. And I not talking about theme parks or arcade parks, I’m talking about the good, old fashioned, outdoor park. Anyone who is ages 10 and above probably spent most of their childhood in a park pretending to be a fairy locked up by an evil witch. Charlie and I were once in the pool-

You wouldn’t dare.

That’s true. I’m not going to tell you what happens in our wildest dreams not matter how good they are….. Anyway, I’m getting of track so I’m going to have to save that for another time. Anyway, as I told you guys on our New Years Special (Click Here to listen to it), we were on a sleepover on New Years Eve, and on New Years, we went to Botanical Gardens for Picnic!! Then, we were let free on our own, and we went to the rainforest section which was simply beautiful! You went on this platform and below you was a river with small waterfalls!! And there were so many trees, it was as if you were in a rainforest!  Charlie and I got pretty artistic with our photos (above). It was amazing!! Until it started raining…..