Chicken and salad sandwich

So you may not think this is the most interesting of topics but I just had to share with you this wonderful sandwich which just happens to be my favourite sandwich! So we will start with layers.

  1. Chewy and flavourful Coles Ciabatta bread
  2. Creamy Babybell cheese sliced to perfection
  3. A layer of tender, tasty roast chicken
  4. 4 juicy sweet baby tomatoes, each sliced into 3 parts and laid on the chicken
  5. 2 crunchy baby cos lettuce leaves broken up to fit inside the sandwich
  6. Another layer of the delicious Ciabatta

You’d be surprised how this simple recipe does wonders for your taste buds. I sometimes even add slices of cucumber and/or capsicum, but that’s up to you. All the ingredients put together make a really fresh and creamy bite that just brightens up your day. I had it both for dinner last night, and for lunch today it’s so good! By the way, the Babybell cheese is small round cheese packets that are in the dairy section of most supermarkets. You can use other cheese as well. I hope you enjoy!