Watermelon Notebook!!!

Watermelon is a yummy, delectable fruit. Hey, I wonder-

Ugh. Enough with the boring intro!! Get to the point!!

I was just trying to uphold suspense. That’s the magic about talking, you can make the peoples-

Get to the point!!!!!

Oh, alright. We are going to be making-

A watermelon Notebook!!

How is that fair?! I do the suspenseful intro and you get all the glory!!

Hmph. Fine….. I’ll go away now….


For a bit!!

What did you say?


Anyway to make this watermelon  notebook, you will need: a tube of red, light orange and green acrylic paint, white card, a notebook that is the same size as the card, double sided sticky-tape (or you could just use glue), a black marker and a potato.

A potato?!

Yes! a potato! got a problem with that?!

No…. It just seems weird.

Anyway, you need to cut the potato in half and half again-

To make a 1/4!

Yes. then you cover the flat side of the 1/4 in red paint.

And then you just dab on 4-6 shapes on the card. You repeat these steps but just with light orange paint.

Then, you just do a green line on the semi circle bit of the shape.

Don’t forget to leave some space between them for the white bit of the melon! Also the lines don’t have to be straight!!

Then, as the final touch, when dry add some seed shapes on top of the watermelon. And also, can I quickly add, why are you even in this post?! it’s supposed to be MY post!!

Well, then, it’s a good thing I was here at the right time!! You were forgetting things!!

I was not!!

Were too!

Can we just finish this post?

Fine. you then glue or sticky-tape the front of the notebook and stick the card on!!!

And now you’re done!!! A great, amazing, summery-