Did You know that…

Did you know that it is bad to smell a glue stick?

Is this an easy one? I am not sure. But whether a glue stick is non-toxic or not, it is still not good to smell a glue stick! Some people think that you can smell non-toxic glue sticks too, but they are just less bad. And who would want to sniff glue anyway! It smells disgusting! I conclude that it is not only a silly thing to do but also a poisonous and dangerous one too.

Did you know that most butterflies only live a maximum of one year?

Most butterflies don’t even live that long! The ones living in your garden and eating all your vegetables and flowers (naughty little things) usually only live up to about a week but Monarch butterflies can live up to nine months. They don’t do very well in terms of life span do they?! Many butterflies just live to carry on the cycle of life and die directly after childbirth. I certainly hope I don’t get reborn as one! I’d rather walk on the ground and live way longer that fly and live for less than a year.