Seeing Moana

Have you guys seen Moana yet? Trust me, it’s really, really good!! It’s like the next Frozen but it’s not really that kiddy. I mean, there are songs but the songs are really good. And Moana is really stubborn and very adventurous. The movie is cool and is good for really any age. I probably would not recommend it for ages 5 and down because some scenes may frighten the young viewers. So I would say 6 and up, but even then, you could always cover their eyes or something. You know when a movie is really good and it just makes you feel so happy at the end? I don’t know how Disney does it but it’s really effective on me. The movie makes me feel soooo happy and I love the twist at the end!! But I won’t give anymore away in case you do end up seeing it. So, yeah. I would rate this movie a 9 3/4 because it was just really good.

Have a good New Years break,