Did you know that…

The poop ice cream.

Did you know that the poop emoji is actually ice-cream? Yes, it’s true!!! 


Ever wondered why the poop emoji is soooo happy? Well, it’s because it’s ice-cream!! Search it up if you don’t believe me!! If you take off the vanilla ice-cream and put the poop emoji on the cone, it’s exactly the same except it’s chocolate and it has a face!!

Cut by Da Vinci

Did you know that Da Vinci was not only the first person ever to use shears, he also invented siccors!!

Fish and lipstick?!

Most lipstick involves fish scales?! It can’t be true!! Eww 🤢 Anyway, if you’re allergic to fish, this is good to know!!


Did you know that women blink 2 times more than men? That’s probably why my brother’s eye is so tired by the end off the day!!

Banana smell!

in a recent survey, most Americans favourite smell is (yes, you guessed it) bananas?!

I hope you enjoyed some of these do you knows. If you want to read more click  Here. This is where I got most of these do you knows.