Did You know that…

Today I will be supplying you with some more “Did you know”s. I hope you find them interesting!

Did you know that hover-cars actually exist?

Or, at least a, meaning single, hover-car exists. The hover-car was created by Kepler Foundation and there is an actual video of it’s 2011 launch on youtube. By the way the video was taken you can tell it’s not a hoax. Also, Kepler Foundation actually exists. I checked. Also by Kepler Foundation were eco batteries. They recharged themselves while you used them. In the future, if they could make batteries like that big enough, we could travel through space with them (though I find that unlikely). You should really check the video out! Sadly, I don’t have a link to the website and am having trouble finding it again. Sorry!

Did you know that Volkswagen had to recall thousands of cars as they were an environmental hazard?

It was really terrible. The full story is that Volkswagen used a fake car that ticked all the boxes in an environmental test and then secretly sold cars that weren’t approved. They did this to save money but the exhaust from the car was a hazard to the environment and sometimes even to the passengers! It is similar to the Toyota recall which happened not long after the Volkswagen one. Toyota sold cars that had a part that could explode! It seems that you can’t really trust cars sometimes. But don’t worry, this was at least half a year ago, so Volkswagen cars are safe, the same with Toyota. But I still can’t believe that they would endanger our lives and our world just to save money. Would you do that? I definitely wouldn’t. But think of what inconvenience it would have caused too! All those cars recalled and you had to use other type of transports to carry on with your everyday life! I’m just glad none of my cars were recalled!

That’s all we have time for today…