IMG_0302.JPGJapan is popular place to go to. It’s very high-tech and as they say Kwaii (cute/cool).  A couple of months ago, I went there. It was sooo much fun!! Here are my top five things to do in Japan.

5. Mount Fuji

My family and went on a tour to Mount Fuji and let me tell you I was carsick!! But it was very beautiful as we were so high up!   We bought a Fuji apple and it was sooo yummy!! Real quality! So much better than Coles apples!!

4. Food

the food was delish! We went to soo many good restaurants, and they were all so good! This may seem weird but my favourite thing to have was beef tounge! Juicy and really yummy!!! The place that we went to to get it, was the best place in the 🌏 To get beef tongue!!

3. Karaoke

for my dad’s birthday (he celebrated his in Japan) we did karaoke!! In over 20 different languages how were we not meant to find a song? From songs from the 60s to the 2010s we were definitely covered!! I have to say it was sooo much fun!! Plus we got 2 mini cakes (free) because it was my dad’s birthday!!

2. Kwaii Monster Cafe (above)

this was such a cool themed cafe! Every hour there was a show with these girls that dressed up!! We go this rainbow coloured pasta with different colour sauces!! And the restaurant had lots of cool rooms!! In one, there were forks hanging from the ceiling!! Downside, it was really pricey ($13 for a lollipop).

1. Disneyland and Disneysea.

ok, I bet you knew this was in my top 5 but still. There is also Disneysea which is themed to look like Europe (simply beautiful), with lot of roller coasters!! In one (Jorney to the centre of the Earth), you were getting higher and higher (but you didn’t notice it) and the at one point when you thought you were going to crash into the wall, you had an almost vertical drop! But the scariest bit was that my brother wasn’t strapped in properly so my dad had to cling on to him!!

Wow, what a trip I’ve had!!

signing off,